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USB Flash Drive Gifts The same with the general USB?

USB Flash Drive Gifts The same with the general USB?

"USB Flash Drive gifts customized" USB Flash Drive enclosure is made of shape you want, then you specify text or engraved patterns. For different housings, there are different methods of reprinting. Generally divided into: screen printing, stamp! Gifts USB Flash Drive USB Flash Drive is also known as personality, it has a unique feature. This is also an important factor in customized gift USB Flash Drive welcomed by the market, to meet the needs of the market. The method of processing custom gift USB Flash Drive need to provide customers with the design, and then by the manufacturers Procurement shell mold processing production. And for the first time looking USB Flash Drive factory custom business, due to poor experience, resulting in production out of the gifts USB Flash Drive after a few months there have not read the disk, there have repeatedly occurred in the case of bad sectors, adversely affect the customer to make their own elaborate gift USB Flash Drive can not get word of mouth, corporate image will be a fatal blow.
as consumer electronics products, the market demand is large, but the face of many styles like U disk. Company, business contacts, interpersonal relationships can not show its particularity if you will give your USB Flash Drive to your friends, customers, to know when a saw in the market to buy. USB Flash Drive and this would be meaningless Barbara maintain friendships, the customer relationship. You can not highlight the sincerity, especially in the maintenance of customer relationships is the biggest taboo. And by the USB Flash Drive factory custom gift USB Flash Drive engraved with your friend's name on the client's case, their own company LOGO. It is not more of it?
First, through the USB Flash Drive factory custom gift USB Flash Drive can be placed LOGO, the customer's name, the name of a friend. To display the company's good faith.
Second, USB Flash Drive gifts USB Flash Drive chip can be freely chosen.

Third, custom gift USB Flash Drive can be placed not delete files, you can achieve the purpose of long-term publicity.


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Q:Why Choose us to produce USB  Flash Drive?
A:We have our own design team can show you logo position on plastic USB Flash Drive, custom PVC shaped USB flash drive
Our USB flash Drive products are minimum quantity of ordering
Our USB flash Drive products are non-toxic materials, they are superior quality.
Our USB flash Drive products are sold to all over the world, and are well received positive feedback of customers from all over the world
We attach importance to service

Q:Now I am interested in some kind of USB Flash Drive products in your company, how can I learn more about it?
A:You can contact us for more pictures of real shot. Or let us send out a real item - All the items we display are finished products, we can send them in the first time.

Q:Can you explain it in detail about the USB Flash Drive price and minimum order quantity?
A:According to different USB Flash Drive items we can talk about the price problem in detail, certainly the more you order the lower the price. If you would purchase the well designed item, we could dispatch it to you even you purchase one, but the cost of transportation will be very high.

Q:Normally how long will be the USB Flash Drive sample time and USB Stick bulk order time?
A: Normally USB Flash Drive sample time for printing or laser engrave logo need 1 days, for full color printing need 1 days, for customized PVC body need 3 days, for Cusotmized metal and plastic body need half a month, bulk order time for 1000pcs is around 7 days.

Q: Could the USB Flash Drive be customise?print logo on USB Flash Drive? Customized body of the USB sticks?
A:Yes, we could accept customization of both body and logo on the USB Flash drive, and package, just the things you need to concern is about the cost.

Q:what can you offer, what do I need to prepare about the customized USB Flash Drive products?
A:Please describe the type of product that you need, provide us the picture that can be used if you have and the needful details(such as the color). We can make renderings as you requested. If the product is workable for you, you can arrange to make the sample immediately(we can send free samples to the regular customers who have more than 3 times on the transaction)

How to pay for the USB Flash Drive orders?
A: it's OK to pay us the USB flash drive order payment by T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Paypal,Western Union, Money Gram and so on.


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