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Two-way multi-function USB Flash Drive

In today's moving into the mainstream of the times, to petite exquisite easy to carry the characteristics of sweeping old technology era of the world's U disk of course not willing to lonely, from the U disk computer to achieve PC and Android devices interoperability of two-way multi-function U disk, perhaps from science fiction movies In many surprising artifact is also very different, but the future of the usb flash drive must have a scene.

OTG USB Flash Drive

Once the time, the storage area is U disk, mobile hard disk world, and now the popularity of smart phones so that U disk and other old technology products gradually decline, the phone's storage space is growing, and cloud storage concept impressively has become mainstream, As long as there is a smart phone in hand, you can go beyond the geographical and time constraints to store anytime, anywhere.

USB Flash Drive's Photo

So to say, do U disk and other storage devices really want to follow the fate of saying it? In order to reverse the universe, Jingelangyi recently launched a dual-interface multi-function OTG series USB Flash Drive, the series U disk with standard USB and Android Micro-USB interface to achieve seamless data transfer between.


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