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The fastest read and write speed of USB 3.0 USB flash drive

The fast  read and write speed of USB 3.0 USB flash drive

Today one of my customer checked with us the USB3.0 USB flash drive, that model is a mini model USB flash drive with a UDP flash memory, Customer asked the write and read speed of this USB3.0 USB flash drive, I told him that the write speed is 15MB/s, the read speed is 80MB/s, and it's on the USB3.0 computer, if the computer only has USB2.0 port, the write speed is 10MB/s and read speed is 25MB/s. He said ah, why so slow speed, USB 3.0 should be 40-60MB/s for write.

Yes,but in the market,  the fast write speed for USB3.0 is high, but for USB flash drive, it's not so high. now common USB 3.0 USB flash drive speed is write:15MB/s, read 80MB/s. 


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