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NAND Flash out of stock intensifies USB Flash Drive prices

NAND Flash out of stock intensifies USB Flash Drive prices

Although the iPhone 7 sales do not iPhone 6s series to the fiery, but the performance is stable, and because the first time the iPhone 7 will double the storage capacity of breath, so NAND Flash consumption was a multiple of growth.

At the same time, China's leading smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei, OPPO and vivo and other high-end mobile phone strong order additional kinetic energy continued to make high-capacity eMMC / eMCP strong demand, so both mobile phone shipments and storage capacity growth trend, NAND Flash continues to tight supply.

Following Monday's announcement, wafer fabs have been closed, implying an infinite delay in the supply of wafers, including Samsung, Toshiba and SanDisk. This is the factory does not sell goods, flash market supply depends entirely on the existing inventory on the market. These messages will further exacerbate SSD and flash memory products prices, the current lack of 32G has been up 15 yuan last week, the future is not optimistic. (Industry friends to share, 10/12 DT100G3 32G 53.5 release goods 3K, 10/13 rose to 57, 10/14 rose to 63. The V4 120 10/11 285, 10/13 290, 10/14 300 is really a price one day , Also rushing to.) The current situation, the future is a foregone conclusion.

TrendForce's state-of-the-art storage research brand DRAMeXchange, the latest survey shows that in the smart phone and a variety of solid-state hard drive strong demand, the fourth quarter NAND Flash out of stock situation is more obvious than the third quarter, NAND Flash wafer and card prices will continue Up to the end of the trend established, eMMC / eMCP and solid-state hard drive prices also rose, is expected in the fourth quarter NAND Flash industry revenue and profits will be even better than the third quarter.

Solid-state hard drive, solid-state hard drive and traditional hard drives in the spread to narrow the trend, the major PC manufacturers to enhance the laptop power to stimulate buying gas, solid-state hard drive load rate increased more robust than last year, DRAMeXchange estimated 2016 full year The average laptop hard drive carrying rate will be close to 33%, for the first time exceeded three percent mark. In addition, high-speed traditional hard drives are gradually being replaced by enterprise-class solid-state hard drive, 2016 from the United States and China in the second half of the server and data center demand for storage capacity, enterprise-class solid-state drive strong demand.

Although the major NAND Flash manufacturers are accelerating into the 3D-NAND Flash, but in addition to Samsung and other manufacturers are facing yield improvement is not easy and low efficiency and other factors, coupled with the supply of 2D-NAND Flash into the 3D NAND Flash fell after the majority of 2D-NAND eMMC / eMCP in the fourth quarter of strong demand for smart phones under the channel side of the vendor's supply, but also makes NAND Flash prices.


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