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5 Benefits of custom usb flash drives for Photographers

Customized USB flash drives serve as the perfect multifunctional tool for professional photographers by replacing the traditional business card with a far more efficient promotional giveaway.

Professional photographers can benefit from customized USB flash drives by sharing not only one’s professional identity with clients and partners, but by simultaneously sharing the professional portfolio in the form of a pleasant, highly useful and also very attractive promotional gift.

It is the most effective way to promote your photography in a way that enhances a positive brand attitude instantly and in the long term. Which client doesn’t appreciate your stunning artwork inside of a stylish and customized USB flash drive? And which professional photographer doesn't appreciate being kept in clients’ top of mind brand awareness?

Custom USB Flash Drives Wholesale for Photographers

Professional photographers in the past have relied heavily on DVDs for sharing their work with clients, but those days have surely come to an end:

Considering that most laptops today no longer come with a DVD drive in the first place, relying on this outdated method for sharing your work and promoting your brand is no longer an option.

USB flash drives for professional photographers are a more efficient tool that not only pass on your photographs to clients, but act as a tool all your clients use on a daily basis in the workplace or at home and therefore act as a subtle yet consistent reminder of your brand and professional work as a photographer.

Unlike DVDs, a customized and branded USB flash drive functions as a more durable promotional tool because your clients will use it for their own purposes, while keeping a collection of your best work around their desktop at all times.

Plus, USB flash drives can not scratch nor break, so they will serve as a long-term advertisement in the hands of your customers.

Here are the top five reasons for professional photographers to invest in customized USB flash drives to promote their business with a great ROI:

1. Customized USB flash drives are affordable

Branded Metal Key USB for Photographers

Professional photographers benefit from wholesale prices when buying in bulk from 50 up to 1,000 units or more at MemoTrek. This cost-effective promotional gift guarantees high return on investment and maximum efficiency for promoting your brand as well as your portfolio without appearing like a form of advertisement. Whether you would like a more classic design, or an elegant metal USB drive, MemoTrek offers a wide range of USB flash drive models, starting as low as US$ 1.98 per unit for our low-cost USB drive Twister.

Logo branding comes at a very low cost, or entirely free for 500 units or more! USB flash drives are simply the most affordable, yet effective and efficient marketing gift out there that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your clients.

2. Customized USB flash drives are flexible

At MemoTrek, you can customize your USB flash drive however you like by choosing from a large variety of USB flash drive models, different capacity options between 1GB and 32GB, and various customized and stylish packaging options.

100% Custom USB Flash Drives for Photographers

If you are looking for a 100% customized USB flash drive to represent more than your logo but share your brand’s shape an design, you may opt for the 100% custom USB flash drives in metal, rubber, or plastic molds and in 2D or 3D design and in the custom shape of your wishes.

Even your packaging can be completely customized however you wish in order to create a marketing gift that is so attractive, your clients won’t be able to resist. The options for customized USB flash drives at MemoTrek are as endless as your creativity as an artist and you can design your own custom USB drive with us!

3. Customized USB flash drives raise brand awareness

Customized USB flash drives with your logo engraved or printed on either one side or both sides allows your clients to have a consistent and visually appealing reminder of your name, work, and brand. In addition, they will not look or feel like a persuasive tool, but rather like a useful tool to help them in their daily life at in their jobs or private life.

The more your clients see your brand and logo, the higher the brand awareness, due to the mere exposure effect. As they will actively engage with your USB flash drive at home or in the office, you are certain that your brand will be remembered and kept at a top-of-mind awareness stage at all times.

4. Customized USB flash drives are an efficient way to expose your identity

Eco-Friendly Bamboo USB Drives for Photographers

Whether you choose a classic Metal Key USB flash drive or a sustainable Woody Bamboo USB flash drive, you are expressing part of your identity and style as an artist to your clients while projecting your brand image.

Especially for professional photographers, it is crucial that your clients and potential clients gain a deep understanding of the type of work you do and what you stand for and will likely choose you accordingly.

At MemoTrek, you benefit from data pre-loading with as many high-quality photographs as you wish on your USB flash drives to pass your work on to your customer base and more and those in their social or professional network.

By placing your best work in the palm of their hands, you are sure that they will know and understand it while keeping it in both their minds and their pockets!

Make it easy for your clients to love your professional identity by customizing your promotional gift and ensuring that they remember more than just your logo. Impress them with a stylish and innovate USB flash drive as a creative business card that is so much more than just a business card.

5. Customized USB flash drives increase brand attitude both short term and long term

Maintaining a positive brand attitude is key to expanding your customer base, creating brand trust, and increasing sales. Whether you are a wedding photographer, or you are more focused on corporate gigs, any professional photographer wants to be remembered positively in order to maintain a popular professional image.

By giving your clients a reminder of your brand in the form of a promotional gift, they not only feel positively about receiving this gift, but they will be sure to remember the positive experiences they shared with you and are likely to pass this on to others. In today’s saturated media environment, nothing is more important than making sure your brand sticks out from the rest and is viewed and remembered positively.

Getting your foot in the door of your client’s hearts through a customized and stylishly branded USB flash drive is the most effective way to ensure that your professional photography skills will reflect in your client’s brand attitude.


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