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bulk H2 comparison tools H2Testw


bulk H2 comparison tools H2Testw

Because USB flash drive, TF card, SD memory card and other mobile storage devices are getting cheaper and cheaper, many people buy very cheap and but has large capacity USB flash drive or memory card. The kind USB Flash Drive is basically the expansion or faked USB flash drive, the so-called expansion or faked USB flash disk is this kind USB flash drive: the actual flash memory capacity, such as the 2G, make it show 32GB, 64GB, 128GB by the mass production tool. For sale, it can get high profits.  so if you buy a cheap but large capacity USB flash drive or memory card, how to detect it an expansion USB flash drive or memory card?
A well-known tool is mydisktest, but recently the USB flash drive profiteer expansion technology is getting higher and higher, this tool is becoming more and more difficult to check, so we recommends an accurate and better USB flash drive capacity expansion testing tool, it is h2testw;
Mqaybe many people know this tool, this is an old tool used in USB flash drive field, but mostly this h2testw is used to check the USB flash drive speed, in fact, It's USB flash drive capacity detection function is working better, if your USB flash drive or memory card always problems in use, such as save 10 videos but only can read 1 or 5, try this tool to see if this is a faked USB flash drive.
If it is a capacity expansion USB flash drive, how can let the USB flash drive show it's real capacity ? If it is a USB flash drive, it can be restored with mass production tools. use chipgenius to check which control chip of this usb flash drive, and then use the mass prodution tool of this control chip to repaire the USB flash drive.



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