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Silicon Motion SM3271AB/SM3270AB prodution tools Dyna Mass Storage v18.01.12.23 R0112


Silicon Motion SM3271AB/SM3270AB prodution tools Dyna Mass Storage v18.01.12.23 R0112

Silicon Motion Technology Corporation(NASDAQ:SIMO) Is a professional IC design company, in 1995 Silicon Motion was founded in Silicon Valley, California, USA, in 2002, after the merger of Taiwan's Hui Ya Technology,the union taked the name Silicon Motion, Inc, the headquarter is in Taiwan, They produce mobile storage products and provide  flash memory control chips, application range including flash card, U disk, solid disk (So) Lid State Drive; SSD), card reader and embedded application; multimedia single chip is mainly used in portable multimedia player, DAB system, network camera and embedded drawing chip, and mobile communication includes single chip for mobile TV, CDMA wireless communication and electronic collecting system.

Silicon Motion chip's production tool is divided into two kind: black chip and white chip. Here is the black chip production tool. It is suitable for the SM3259AA, SM3267AC, SM3267AE, SM3268AA, SM3268AB, SM3269AA, SM3270AB, SM3271AB chip's USB flash drive. Edition Dyna Mass Storage Production Tool v18.01.12.23 R0112Tools is a later model, can be used to repair USB flash drive and do USB flash drive encrypted and partition, if your USB flash Drive is a OEM brand type, then it mostly can be fixed by black chip production tools, the white chip production tools will generally fail. when your USB flash Drive can not be identified or can not be used, you can try this tool, the black chip production time is long, but eventually it will be repaired.
when you open the production tool,need input password,   the password is empty,click OK and use the tool, normally use the low level production. Please notice that if your usb flash drive does not be correctly identified it will show red, do not continue the production operation, try to change the production tool till the USB flash drive can be identified, and the identified USB flash drive will show white.



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