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Chipbank mass production tool CBM209X UMPTool V7100(2018-01-19)


Chipbank mass production tool CBM209X UMPTool V7100(2018-01-19)

In 2018, the chipbank has updated the mass production tool, here shared is the UMPTool V7100 version, which supports the USB Flash Drive control chip of CBM2098E, CBM2098P, CBM2098S, CBM2099, CBM2099E, CBM2099S, CBM2199 and other controllerUSB Flash Drive production.
The first production step is detecting your USB flash drive control chip is above mentioned models, and then can use this mass production tool to produce, can be used to set the USB flash drive as the start disk, can repair the damaged USB flash drive, only a few steps operation on the software can repaire the USB flash Drive. the mass production tool don't need any password,very easy to use, specifically to refer to this site's information how to repaire a USB flash Drive.



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