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ChipGenius V4.18.0203 green edit


ChipGenius V4.18.0203 green edit

ChipGenius new version were released in 2018, version number v4.18.0203, database version 0203, after so long time and a new version has finally been released, which can detect more flash memory and more controls that have not been seen before.
ChipGenius is a USB device detection tool, which can automatically query the USB flash drive, MP3/MP4, card reader, mobile hard disk and other USB devices.

ChipGenius can detect the main control chip model of the USB flash drive, card reader,mp3/mp4,mobile hard disk information, like the USB flash drive current,manufacturer, brand, and provide the related data download address. Of course, you can also query the VID/PID information, device name, interface speed, serial number, and device version of the USB device.
it's a green Software , plug and play, it's a really useful tool for digital consumers, electronic enthusiasts, DIY personas and digital maintenance personnel.
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1, fast repair USB flash drive: do not need to disassemble machine to query the usb flash drive chip model, quickly find the corresponding mass production tools.
2, help you identify counterfeit USB flash drive: are you afraid to buy faked USB flash drives? Take me at any time (with MyDiskTest better)
3, the professional purchase of MP3:MP3 chip control plan is generally not mentioned by manufacturers, and chips are also important indicators for purchasing MP3.
4, identify fake IPOD: If you have always suspected that your IPOD is false and can not be opened, and this task is assigned to chipgenius.
5, repair Helpers: digital maintenance workers deal with digital products all day long, and chipgenius appearance is your right-hand man.
6, other USB storage: buy card reader, mobile hard disk, USB-Hub...
7, other USB peripherals: camera, USB mouse, printer, USB sound card...
8, motherboard chipset: look at the chip model, find the driver, check the motherboard performance
9, there are more mysterious functions to follow.
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[2018-02-03] the latest version of v4.18.0203:
1, amend part of the silicon motion main control model tail wrong problem (such as SM3257ENLT/ENBA, SM3255ENAA/ENA1, etc.)
2, new identification of Taiwan Huayi main control
3. Add a small number of flash memory codes



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