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Alcor production tools ALCOR MP_v16.11.01.00


Alcor production tools ALCOR MP_v16.11.01.00

Alcor production tools ALCOR MP_v16.11.01.00 is used for the USB flash drives that used ALcor chip control sensor. this tools can find out each bad blocks and do production of the USB flash drive. if your USB flash drive meet any problem that can't work, you can use this tools to try if can repair your USB flash drive, because there's mainly 2 kind chip that China produced, one is Alcor, another is chipbank, most USB flash drive use this 2 kind chip in China.

Supporting Alcor most control chip, not limiting the brand of the USB flash drive, the control chip model is AU6989SN-GT/GTA/GTB/ GTC, 6989SNL-B, 6989SNL and so on. The main function is to repair all kinds of USB flash drive failures which use Alcor control chip, including can't open USB flash drive, the USB flash drive cannot be formatted, the computer does not display the USB flash drive and other problems. It is the factory's USB flash drive masss production tool used to do masss production for the USB flash drives, repair Ability is not comparable to other kind USB flash drive repairing software, Most USB flash Drive that is not hardware damaged can be repaired with this tool.

Alcor mass production tool also can used to produce the boot disk, more safety than other solidified CDROM boot disk,because these booting software can be set read only.  Of course, according to the current more popular upgrade USB flash drive, it also need this production tool to set it's original capacity, so that won't meet any problem during the USB flash drive using period. version added more flash memory models, such as H27Q1TDQEM6R, TC58TFG8T22TA0D, TH58TFG9T22TA2D, TH58TFT0T22TA2D and so on.



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