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Alcor mass production tools ALCOR MP_v18.05.29.00


Alcor mass production tools ALCOR MP_v18.05.29.00

Released date:2018-06-11

In 2018, the Alcor mass production tool was updated. The new version is, which supports the chip controller of the AU698X series, such as AU6989, AU6983, etc., and is the whole English interface, with a list of  mass production instructions and supported flash list Alcor UFD U2 Flash Support List_180529, so as to find out if this production tool if support the flash memory after checking the list. you can use this tool to mass production tool produce all Alcor control chip USB flash drivea. The flash memory supported is more new and comprehensive.
The mass production tool can used to repair the usb flash disk, set the usb flash drive a startup disk, can do the encrypted usb flash drive, can repaire the usb flash drive that can't    read by the computer, can solve any non hardware cause USB flash drive fault, can restore the capacity of the USB flash drive, can do mass production for the new usb flash drive,and other functions.
No password requirement, clikc OK then can do mass production editing.



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